Greetings! Another Christmas season has arrived with all of it’s attractions.

May your days be guided by Christ’s love for you, not by all of the distractions.

When you hear singing of “Silent Night” or “Angels We Have Heard On High”,

Look up in wonder, as if you were a child, searching for a sign in the sky!

And on those crisp and clear nights when it seems you can touch a star,

Think. God created a new one, an invitation for wise men to come from afar.

Of course, this season of joy can be tainted with worry and stress, now and then.

Let it remind you of Mary and Joseph, on their difficult journey to Bethlehem.

When you hear of wars and violence and read of the evil in a world so defiled,

Imagine how God’s angels fought with the dark ones to protect the Christ child.

If depression and loneliness visit you often and then leave you alone and forlorn,

He, who knew this well, has freedom and victory for you. For this He was born.

Do you look with fascination upon decorations and lights, wanting them to stay?

Oh, there is One who can turn night into day and chase all the darkness away!


If the miracle of snow encircles you, see how each flake falls gently in it’s place.

Then remember; dark sins can be white as the snow, forgiven by God’s grace!

Surely, there was someone you loved, who was close to you, but now is gone?

If you speak their name and the tears fall, know that in your heart, they live on.

May you find joy in giving to those you love, maybe even a child in a distant land!

For sure, there is a lot on this earth that isn’t right and much we don’t understand.

You may think,”What change can I bring to a lost and dying world? I am only one!”

Now, consider this question, would you be who you are today if not for someone?

Examine your heart and mind. Now find treasures God has discretely placed there.

Explore them and you will find they have no end. Go spread His love everywhere!

Oh, the wonderful gifts! From socks to tools and fun toys in boxes big and small.

I pray your Christmas includes telling a friend or stranger of the greatest gift of all!

He came wrapped simple and plain and was laid on the hay in an old cattle stall.

He became like us, lived and died for us, rose again and now has voiced the call;

“Come! Believe and trust in Me!” Follow Him into the Kingdom that will never fall!

That baby Jesus, has become the crucified, resurrected, victorious Lord of All!

Well, there you have it. Maybe you smiled or were bored or even cried?

My feelings, I must confess, are not mild and certainly cannot be denied.

I vow never to forget just how you’ve touched my life, one way or another.

So, it is in Christ, right now, I ask and claim for you, my sister, my brother.

The touch of God’s hand be upon you in this hour, wherever you need it most.

And that in the new year, it will be in the power of Christ that you will boast!

* Bob